Monday, January 28, 2013

The Latest Photos

One of Linnea's companions.

Linnea moved into an apartment previously occupied by elders.  Their standard of cleanliness was different than hers.

Linnea with her current companion, Hermana Adorable (yes, that is really her last name.)

She never tires of making snow angels!

Ready..... Set....

Practicing some of her newly acquired recipes...

Enjoying the results of her efforts.

The elders in her zone.

Linnea with an elder in her mission.  What is crazy about this is that his sister was Linnea's grandma Harris live in companion.  He is from Tonga.  Small world.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best picture of my life. Family baptisms are great.

Linnea and her companion, Sister Adorable (yes, that really is her name) with the family they baptized in December.

Merry Christmas

Linnea with one of her investigators sons...She adores him!

From Linnea's letter dated December 3, 2012...

Okay, so this week has probably been the best week of my whole's a little bit about what happened. So transfers came and on Tuesday morning we got the transfer info. I really felt like I was staying in Forest Dale and sure enough..I am still here!  Sister Falcon was super surprised that she was being transferred. But the Lord knows best,right? Sure enough our prayers were answered and Sister Adorable and I are now companions. If that wasn't a great enough miracle listen to what happened this week...

     We hit the dry Standard of Excellence!! We have 4 people on date, we had 10 people at church(virtually unheard of in this branch) 8 lessons with member, and 5 new investigators. Let me give you a litle recap on some investigators...

     THE M FAMILY: The most prepared family ever. We had a lesson with the dad outside the other day and he was just beaming. He said he could feel the presence of God in his life more than he ever has. He said he felt it so strong it made him want to be better in all aspects...including his long hair and beard. Crazy! We invited him to be baptized outside of his house and he said yes! He is now on date for the 16th of Dec. That night we had a lesson with their son with the YM pres in his home. it was one of the best lessons ever. We read when Jesus came to the Americas and talked about baptism. He too accepted to be baptized Dec 16. on Sunday the family came to church (except the wife who works crazy hours) and something had happened that offended the dad. As he was telling us what happened we thought this is going to be our last visit...but no. He said, "Hermanas, I dont just see you as women...I see you as the angels that God has sent to me to become closer to Him...nothing is going to ruin that. I go to church to become closer to Him and I made a promise to do so by being baptized the 16th. Its going to happen!"  We are praying for a miracle that his wife gets to be baptized as well that day...she works almost all day Sunday.
     Time just flies around here but just now that BIG, BIG THINGS are happening and I'm excited to have the best transfer of my mission thus far. Love it and I love all of you. Cuidense mucho!

Día de acción de gracias!‏

Here are some thoughts from Linnea's letter dated November 26, 2012...

This week was thanksgiving and it was great. We ate at this Chilean woman's house with her, her daughter, and this older grandma in the branch who is from Argentina. It was super fancy but the food was great and the company was awesome. Love it. Here are some updates....

        So when everything is good in Zion...Satan attacks. Last week we talked about how Noemi got her divorce papers and everything was all good...well her boyfriend-husband decided he didn't want to get married.  She's way bummed about it but tonight we will be meeting with her and talking to her about the things the Lord wants for her and how He will provide as she continues to be faithful. 

 We also were way stoked to put a family on date(the one who moved here from Las Vegas) but the wife picked up an extra shift at her job and works all day. We were trying to meet with the husband but it never worked out. We finally saw them on Thursday and we invited them to be baptized and to pray about it and they are. They came to church on Sunday so that was great. All the members are stoked to have a new family at church. We found a woman who is not a member but comes with her daughter and niece who are members. She has been coming for a couple of weeks and we have an appointment with her on Thursday.  We also had a YW bring her friend to church and her friend asked us how she could be baptized...she lives in Taylorsville which is out of our mission but she's already planning on coming to church here in SLC every week so we are just going to make things happen. So even though Satan is trying to destroy our area we are working harder to see miracles and they are coming. Its awesome.
Linnea with all the sisters in her mission.

We did a priest and laurel activity for the English stake and it was awesome. I don't remember doing one of those at home but maybe its just because I didn't go.All the kids got a mini Preach My Gospel and we taught them about missionary work. They were all pumped up about it and at the end the Stake President made all the boys stand up and committ to serving a mission...then he had all the girls stand up and committ to serving a mission if the circumstances were right, it was way powerful.

Photos from the Trek...

Here are some of the photos taken during the Trek.  It is very common for youth in the church in the US to go on one of these "treks" to give them an idea of the challenges the pioneers went through crossing the plains to come to the Utah valley.  Since many of the missionaries in Linnea's mission are from other countries the mission president and his wife thought it would be a good experience for the missionaries in the mission.  Linnea said it was an amazing experience.  The missionaries from other countries all carried the flags of their own country.

Some of the beautiful Utah fall foliage.

Linnea and opponent playing the "stick" game.

Linnea looking a little exhausted after the trek...I don't think she wanted to be photographed!

Pulling the handcart up a steep hill.

Looking a little happier.

Some food after completing the trek up the canyon.


Linnea eating lunch at a zone conference!

I have taken a little vacation from updating this blog for Linnea.  The holidays have kept me busy and I have not taken time to do the updates.  I am catching up so some of what is posted will have occurred in months past.

From a letter dated November 19, 2012 Linnea shares the following...

We found a family this week!! They just moved here from Vegas and are really struggling. They moved here thinking a job was lined up for the dad but it turned out it was a scam. They sold everything in Vegas to make it here. Breaks your heart. They are from Guatemala and have 4 kids. Jaffet who is 16, Jose  11, Jean Pierre 5 and Bridgette, 1. They are the sweetest family. We met them on Friday night and we shared a Book of Mormon story with them. They loved it. They asked us for 4 copies of the Book of Mormon. The next day they came to the Thanksgiving activity and the members were so great in getting to know them. Sunday they ALL showed up to church...except for Jaffet. The YM president went to go talk to Jaffet and Jaffet made it for sacrament. They all loved church. Even the kids. It was great. The branch is so stoked to have legit investigators, its awesome. Tonight we are having an Family Home Evening with them in the the branch president's home and hopefully by tonight they will be on date. They want us to stop by everyday and teach them. They are just soaking up the gospel.  It's awesome!

BIG things are happening and I hope the Lord keeps me here next transfer. Next Wednesday is transfers so we will see what happens...this transfer has passed by way too quick. Miss and love you all. Cuidense mucho. Remember...every member a missionary.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Linnea making a snow angel..."It's so much fun!"

Oh, man. Winter has arrived here in SLC. We got a little knock on our door at 6:30AM Friday morning from the giddy elders who live above us wanting to let us know that it would be snowing that day. It started to snow Friday morning at 9AM and it did not stop til Sunday at 1PM. I'm being serious when I say it didnt stop. We probably got like 2 feet of snow. My companion and I went to see an investigator who lives way up close to the mountains on Saturday and they had not shoveled their walkway so we decided to run across the lawn to their front door...little did we know we would be running up to our knees in snow. Super funny/super hard. Loved it. The snow just makes you so happy... I think part of that being that I'm in a car and not biking in it this year. But I think that it snowed more in these last 3 days than it did all winter last year. Pobrecitos on their bikes/walking. Since it has been snowing we have been playing Christmas music and it really does feel like a winter wonderland. I hope to be able to attach some pics of it in this email. We shall see....
  I wonder if she will still feel that way about the snow after a couple of weeks!

Linnea with her favorite English speaking sister...Sister Yates.  They are trying to convince President Winn that Sister Yates should be assigned to Spanish so they can serve together.

 On to some exciting news...Remember Pedro and Maria from Rose Park?!?! They got baptized this weekend!! Sister Corrales and I were invited to go since we found/taught/put them on date before we left but unfortunately I was unable to make it because my companion, Sis Falcon, and I were in charge of an activity in our branch that same day/time. Sister Corrales was able to go and said it was awesome...her first baptism. Remember how Pedro was listening to the Book Of Mormon on CD...yeah he finished it like a week after we left. He's listening to it again...4 hours everyday. SO LEGIT. The bishop of the r.park 14th ward baptized them and Pedro got baptized first and with tears in his eyes he watched his wife be baptized after. SO COOL. Wish I could have been there but the most important part was them taking that step in their lives and feeling without a doubt the peace and joy the gospel brings. Can't wait to come back when they go through the temple. I love them. Pedro is the most humble/quiet guy ever but whenever he talks he's so funny. And Maria is just so focused on following Christ and doing what is right...shes no doubt a future Relief Society President.