Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sister Guerra told me the other night at around 3AM...I started moving and mumbling in my sleep and then I said in a nice loud voice VAMINOS!! Haha! Yesssss, I guess I was dreaming in Spanish. So awesome. I think the first time I talked in my sleep it was in Spanish. Reminds me of the good ole days when one of my former companions, Sister Marshall, would have full on conversations in her sleep. I hope you all have a good week. You all are always in my prayers. Please keep my investigators and the investigators of all the missionaries in your prayers. We appreciate it!

Linnea with some of her favorite people!

We had a training about faith by the mission secretary Bro Soulier. He talked about how we teach faith as a principle of action but we need to use it as a principle of power. We need to use our faith to show our power and authority and help people grow in their faith. It was a really good training and he talked about the importance of the gift of discernment as missionaries. If we can pray and have the gift of discernment we can eliminate all the fluff from our teachings and get to the heart of the matter. We were also trained by one of the counselors in the mission presidency, President Atkinson. This man is a legend. Every time you get a training from him you just want to go conquer the world. He's super animated and very direct. He taught us how we need to help people RECOGNIZE the spirit as opposed to feeling it. He always tells us that if the investigators don't know what they are feeling is the Holy Ghost its our job to tell them. He shared some crazy stories and basically had everyone...even elders paralyzed by the spirit/in tears. Sister Winn also trained us about Now every week we will be spending an hour each week on We will be creating profiles and everything so you all should make profiles as well! One of the new missionaries in our mission...Sister Gomez has a video that will be coming out on very soon so be on the look out! President Winn had invited us to pray for mountains to climb to build our faith and he left us with an assignment on Wednesday so we could see the power of our faith (since most of us had over come our mountains). There is an elder in the mission who has been suffering from severe migraines every day. And the mission dept wants him to go home but he doesn't want to. So President Winn invited us all to fast as a mission from Saturday-Sunday so that we could heal him with our faith. Pretty crazy stuff. So as a mission we fasted this weekend for this elder and in every prayer we were mentioning his name. We will see what the outcome is but I know there is no faith/power stronger than 200 missionaries fasting and praying at the same time.

 May 28th email...A DRY MONTH

We have 2 investigators who we need some prayers for..Her name is Noemi and she is great. She has been investigating the church for like 2 years now and she would have been baptized 2 years ago if she wasnt waiting on divorce papers to come in so she could get married. She comes to church EVERY week with her 4 kids and hasn't lost hope of getting baptized. Her divorce papers should be coming in soon so please pray so that they come this month so her and her 8 year old son Brian can be baptized. She is so dead set on getting baptized and last Friday she asked us to remind her how to fast so that she could fast and pray for her papers to come in. She's legit. She fasted the next day...and she broke her fast with us by inviting us over for sopes! Sooo good.
    We have also been working with some less-actives and they are great! The Toledo family was attending an English ward and then all of a sudden stopped going. The Ward mission leader in that ward gave us their name to go visit because they also speak Spanish. We went over and talked with them and they have been coming to church at Lucero for the last 3 weeks! They are awesome. We also got a referral of a guy named David who was less-active. Hes from Honduras and turns out he grew up in the same place Sister Guerra grew up. They went to the same church building. He's so cool. He lives with a woman named Zuly(also from Honduras) and EVERYtime we go to their house...they always have prepared some delicious food for us! So goood. We have an appt on Thursday and they are making chile rellenos.  And David came to church on Sunday!! Zuly works at LDS hospital and works most Sundays but at LDS hospital they go around giving the sacrament to employees...pretty cool huh?