Sunday, October 21, 2012

Viva Rose Park!

Linnea wrote in one recent letter that her mission call should have read..."You have been called to serve in the Salt Lake City Rose Park mission"  since she has spent all but one transfer in that area.  Transfers were this last week and she was sure she would be leaving but since I heard nothing from her (she said if she was transferred she would email on Friday to give me her new address) I think she is still in Rose Park.

She LOVES her watch tan!

She took a picture of the Mexican cure for mosquito bites...cover the bite in Vapo-rub and
then but a piece of saran wrap on the top of it.

Linnea took a photo of this license plate for her good friend, Manny!

Her mission was able to do their own version of the Pioneer Trek and this is a picture of her on the trek.

Another photo from the trek with the Salt Lake Valley in the background.

The sisters in the Rose Park zone make a pyramid.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

General Conference

    Let me first just start off by saying conference was amazing. Every single session was awesome. I was able to attend the Saturday morning session where the big announcement of missionary ages was given. That was an awesome moment. There are going to be sooo many more missionaries now its going to be great. It was awesome to be there Saturday morning and we were sitting right where the apostles and prophet enter. It was super cool because as all the apostles were leaving they saw a whole section of missionaries practically and they all just gave us signs of encouragement...winks or thumbs up. Elder Holland gave us his Elder Holland glare with a big 2 thumbs up. It was awesome. While I was at conference I saw Phyllis Livingston, Emylee Hill and Eric Bennett! It was awesome. It was fun to talk to Eric yesterday in Spanish. Its going to be great being able to speak to all the old school 7/10 ward RMS in Spanish. (Nate, Austin, Eric, etc) Emylee Hill took a picture of us and its probabbly on facebook so look for it.
Linnea with Emylee Hill at Conference in October 2012
     We were able to have 5 people attend watch or attend conference. Pedro and Maria watched at the conference center and LOVED it. No better/or more powerful lesson than one the prophet himself teaches. We also watched with an investigator named Juana. For some reason it didn't get broadcast until way later in Spanish so Sister Corrales translated it all into Spanish. What a champ. We are so blessed here to be able to take people to conference. While Pedro and Maria were inside the conference center Hermana Corrales and I watched it in the assembly hall in Spanish. That was an experience. Never have I watched conference in Spanish. It was different to not hear their real voices but it was cool because the assembly hall was PACKED with Hispanics. Love it.

Plague of Locusts


 First, to explain the title of the email...I'm pretty sure the plague of the locusts is coming to pass here in Rose Park. There are about 8 billion tiny green bugs flying around and when I say 8 billion I'm not exaggerating. We ride our bikes and get covered in bugs. Its really quite disgusting. I'm not sure what the cause of them is or why there are so many. All I know is that I want them to go away. Enough of the disgusting bugs. Let's get on to what happened this week.
     Oh, before I forget...I will be at the Saturday morning session of conference...chilling up front by the prophet so be on the look out for me. We are also planning to be there at as many other sessions as possible. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir president lives in our stake/area and so we are hoping to get some more tickets for our investigators and ourselves. Its going to be great. We've been talking a lot to our investigators about conference and getting them excited about it. We are so lucky in this mission to be able to go to conference with our investigators. There is nothing like being in the same room as the prophet and apostles.
   We have been seeing the fruits of our labor this past week and hope to continue to see much more.  Hope you all have a great week. Good to hear from you all. Cuidense Mucho!  (October 1, 2012 letter)