Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Linnea making a snow angel..."It's so much fun!"

Oh, man. Winter has arrived here in SLC. We got a little knock on our door at 6:30AM Friday morning from the giddy elders who live above us wanting to let us know that it would be snowing that day. It started to snow Friday morning at 9AM and it did not stop til Sunday at 1PM. I'm being serious when I say it didnt stop. We probably got like 2 feet of snow. My companion and I went to see an investigator who lives way up close to the mountains on Saturday and they had not shoveled their walkway so we decided to run across the lawn to their front door...little did we know we would be running up to our knees in snow. Super funny/super hard. Loved it. The snow just makes you so happy... I think part of that being that I'm in a car and not biking in it this year. But I think that it snowed more in these last 3 days than it did all winter last year. Pobrecitos on their bikes/walking. Since it has been snowing we have been playing Christmas music and it really does feel like a winter wonderland. I hope to be able to attach some pics of it in this email. We shall see....
  I wonder if she will still feel that way about the snow after a couple of weeks!

Linnea with her favorite English speaking sister...Sister Yates.  They are trying to convince President Winn that Sister Yates should be assigned to Spanish so they can serve together.

 On to some exciting news...Remember Pedro and Maria from Rose Park?!?! They got baptized this weekend!! Sister Corrales and I were invited to go since we found/taught/put them on date before we left but unfortunately I was unable to make it because my companion, Sis Falcon, and I were in charge of an activity in our branch that same day/time. Sister Corrales was able to go and said it was awesome...her first baptism. Remember how Pedro was listening to the Book Of Mormon on CD...yeah he finished it like a week after we left. He's listening to it again...4 hours everyday. SO LEGIT. The bishop of the r.park 14th ward baptized them and Pedro got baptized first and with tears in his eyes he watched his wife be baptized after. SO COOL. Wish I could have been there but the most important part was them taking that step in their lives and feeling without a doubt the peace and joy the gospel brings. Can't wait to come back when they go through the temple. I love them. Pedro is the most humble/quiet guy ever but whenever he talks he's so funny. And Maria is just so focused on following Christ and doing what is right...shes no doubt a future Relief Society President.