Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Has Arrived!

Linnea's most recent letter announced that winter had officially arrived.  She also shared that riding a bicycle in the snow is NOT very fun.  Linnea has been in Salt Lake City for 3 transfers.  (Each transfer is 6 weeks).  At each transfer there is the possibility of being moved to a new area.  Linnea was excited that she was able to stay in Rose Park.  She has met many people that she has grown to love.  Her companion transferred and she is with a new companion and 2 additional sister missionaries who are waiting for their visas to is headed to Spain and the other to Brazil...when their visas arrive.

In December Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke at the Salt Lake City Mission's Devotional.   Linnea is in the center of the photo right above and to the left of Sis. Oaks (in red).

Elder Oaks and his wife

Linnea at the Mission Home.  Sis Winn, the mission president's wife is next to Linnea.

Linnea, having breakfast at the mission home.  She loves her beanie!

Here is what Linnea had to say:

I am still in Rose Park! Yesssss. I love it here in the hood where it smells like carne asada every day. This is the area EVERY Spanish speaking missionary wants to serve and I'm super lucky to be here still. Anyway, here is a little run down on how transfers went...My two visa-waiters...Hna Marshall and Hna Johnson are still with me and I love it! They are the best and we get a long SUPER well. We work together great. Its the best. My new companion is Hna Magdaleno, originally from Guanajuato, MX but came from California. She is a convert of just around 3 years and is the best. This transfer is going to be awesome. I love her. This is going to be so different from my last 2 transfers...a good different.

A Missionary's New Years

On to this week....just a quick glimpse on New 5:30 all the missionaries went to the mission office for a dinner and to play some games. It was pretty fun and super fun to be around all the missionaries. We played dodgeball and tug of war and other sorts of games against zones which was fun. Then Sis Winn passed around noise makers at 9PM and we counted down the New Year as if we were in NY haha complete with a New Year's kiss between Pres and Sis Winn. Then before we left the islanders treated us to a haka which I got on video especially for dad so the next time I send home my memory card you can see it :) That was my New Year we were home and in bed by 10:30! Partying hard as a missionary. It was super weird because we were allowed to wear jeans or Pday clothes to the party and the Elders also let us borrow their car to get there. It felt super weird to: 1) be driving in a car and 2 )wearing regular clothes. All 4 of us(my companionship) were like this is super weird we dont even feel like missionaries right now. Its been months since I've worn jeans.

 And finally this...

 This week we had some pretty crazy experiences some good and some not so good. Some of these stories will have to be shared after the mission :) but it just strengthens my faith and knowledge that we are protected by the Lord.

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