Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 23rd Birthday, Linnea!
Happy Birthday, Linnea!

Today our little missionary celebrated her 23rd birthday.  She is so lucky because her birthday fell on her P-day.  P-day is short for preparation day and on that day the missionaries get to shop, do errands, clean their living space, do their laundry, check their mail and email home.

Here is what Linnea had to share about her special day...

 First off....thanks for all the birthday wishes and emails. Its been a great day so far! The Perez family (recent converts) sent me a text super early this morning and Julia sent one this morning,too. Then, later Rigo and Laura Perez (the oldest kids of the Perez family) sent me a text from their phone while they were at school. The mission office staff called and sang me happy birthday (adorable!) I got the birthday package and everything was great...right sizes and everything. Thanks! Last night we ate with the Cabrera family in our ward. Hno Cabrera was the ward mission leader right before we got into the area and was just put into the new bishopric. They did carne asada and a birthday cake! And then the kids pushed my face into the was great hahahaha. And tomorrow we are eating with Julia and she is making papusas...its just a week full of celebrations! I'm a lucky gal.

Linnea continues to be busy teaching people about the church.  She had this to share...

This weekend we had a baptism of this young guy named Antonio. He is from Vera Cruz,MX. He is the defintion of a prepared person. We found him while he was washing his car while looking for someone else. We asked if we could come back and visit later and he said sure. we asked him in that lesson who Jesus Christ is for him and he said "el amor de mi vida" Precious! Every lesson he just loved and everytime he would pray he would say he was grateful for all we were doing for him. He overcame some obstacles and was just soooo ready to be baptized. during the talk at his baptism he just started crying and then all 4 of us sang lord,I would follow thee in spanish and he was just smiling. It was so cool. After his baptism we went out to eat(us 4 sisters and him) and he said a prayer to bless the food and just said he felt soooo great but couldnt explain it. Im so glad I had the opportunity to meet and teach him. 

And about being a missionary in Salt Lake City:

Funny story...only here in Utah will sister missionaries get pulled over by a police man so he could get our number to give to the kid sitting in the back seat. HAHA.

Linnea continues to work hard and has lots of experiences that she will remember forever.  She loves hearing from you.  Her address is listed on the blog.  Please write to her.

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