Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another week down!

This week Linnea was a little sad because the Dear Elder mail room at the MTC moved locations.  With that move she did not receive anyone's Dear Elder letters.
She commented that each day is so similar while at the MTC that there is not a whole lot to write about that is new and different.  She was so excited to see CelestineYeung, who is from Vista, enter the MTC on Wednesday last week.  Celestine lives in Linnea's building so they will see each other frequently.
Here is a picture, from the many she sent, that made me smile.
The people in Linnea's district were writing "Symptoms you are ...."  and for Linnea they listed

  • resembles Pocohontas
  • have gnarly double jointed fingers
  • if you love cookies
  • if things are "sick", "gnarly", etc
I think that her fellow elders and sisters have learned quite a few things about her over the last few weeks.

Here is the highlight of the week:

 Another big event this week was that M.RUSSELL BALLARD spoke at our Tuesday devotional! Ya that's right...TWO apostles in THREE weeks. Rad right?! He spoke about keeping your teaching simple and basic. Don't over-complicate things and just bear sincere testimony when you teach... that will be the biggest help when teaching. It was interesting to compare Ballard with Holland. Holland is so powerful and stern while Ballard is so soft-spoken yet their messages are still the same. You feel the Spirit just the same. Its really cool. Who knows maybe in my last 3 weeks we will hear from the Prophet....we can only hope!

Here is the low of the week:
 Okay so here's a funny Harris luck story. Every non-fast Sunday every missionary in our district has to prepare a 3-5 minute talk on an assigned topic and then on Sunday the Branch president will announce which 2 missionaries will be giving their talks. You find out like 2 minutes before who is going to be speaking so you have to prepare a talk no matter what. This weeks topic was enduring to the end. I finished up my talk on Saturday and it was pretty solid...oh it has to be in spanish by the way. So Sunday before Sacrament meeting I rip my talk out of my notebook and put it in my Santa Biblia. I go to grab my Book of Mormon and my notebook for Relief Society and realize I have a lot of stuff. I think...oh my talk doesnt use any scriptures form the Bible so I dont need to take it so I put it back on my desk. We get to Sacrament and Pres Tyler announces who is going to be speaking....Guess who one of those people is?! Ya thats right...ME...the girl who left her talk in her Bible which is in the classroom....GREAT! Luckily, Hna Kerr let me use hers cuz she didnt have to speak...but it was a little crazy because I hadn't read her talk before that point so I literally just had to read it. It turned out alright, everyone said I did well so that's good.
Linnea with her companeras

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