Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finals Weeks in the MTC

Linnea is finishing up her final couple of weeks at the MTC.  She has commented in her last 3 letters that days follow a routine and so there is not always much new and different to write.  Because of that, I am compiling the last couple of weeks into one post.

Linnea will leave the MTC at 6:00am  on Wednesday, October 5th and take a short bus ride (45 minutes) to Salt Lake City.  The bus will drop off missionaries flying out to various parts of the world at the Salt Lake City Airport and then drop off those missionaries who are serving in the Temple Square Mission, Salt Lake City South, Salt Lake City and Ogden missions.

Linnea and other sisters expressing their joy at embarking on the next part of their mission journey!

Linnea's thoughts about leaving:
 How is life in the outside world? I'm in my last week here at the MTC and having mixed emotions about it. I am way stoked to get out into the real world and be a missionary but on the other hand I'm getting pretty sad to be leaving the people in my district and the friends that I've made that are going to different missions. At the beginning of the week, my favorite district (besides my own) left. They were the classroom right next door to us and they were in our zone. I seriously loved every single one of the elders and sisters in that district. They are awesome. One of the elders is from Newbury Park and knows Aunt Mabel and Uncle George. His name is Elder Jones and is going to Buenos Aires South. And one of the elders is going to the Domincan Republic-Santo Domingo West mission which I think is Austin Foster's mission. If it is tell him to look out for an Elder Wadman. He's legit.

Utah Weather:
 The weather here in Provo has been pretty nice actually. Not super hot or super cold. Just perfect but I know soon enough its gonna get reaaaaal chilly! While the weather has been great, the activity of insects has been terrible. I''m covered in gnarly bug bites. I think I''m allergic to the insects here cuz seriously these bites are sick. They are rock hard and huge and they leave scars. Perfect.  But what can you do, right?!  Yesterday I hosted the new missionaries again it was sweet. One girl was going to Helsinki Finland and another one to the Phillipines. A friend from high school (Shelbi Johnson) also got here yesterday. I was stoked to see her. She is going to the Ukraine, Russian speaking. Awesome right?! Oh and while I was hosting I met another host who found out I was from Vista and asked if I knew Keri Miller. I don''t remember her name but small world.

Visa issues:
My friend Hna Petherbridge got temp reassigned yesterday also...TEMPLE SQUARE! So stoked for her. I hope my first area is right around there so I can run into her. She leaves tomorrow so she will be there for conference. Jealous! A girl I''ve been playing basketball with is waiting for her visa to Spain and she said Spain is really strict on visas. Her brother is serving in Barcelona right now....which is also where she is supposed to serve. She said her brother told her that sometimes you will get your visa but then they won't renew it after the first year so you have to come back and serve the rest of your mission stateside...Crazy right?! And how cool that her and her brother will be serving in the same mission at the same time.

Shout outs:
I got the notes from the V10 Ward. Those notes were so awesome! There was at least 20 in was sweet.
Thanks for all your letters and support. It means a lot to me. I'm having an awesome time and cant wait to leave the MTC behind and get to SLC. Oh, and birthday shout-outs to all my Sept Bdays: Walker, Ian, Kenna, Janet, Pania and anyone else I missed.

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