Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Drop Off

 Please notice that there were smiles on our faces at this moment!
I told Linnea that when she walked away she was not allowed to look back.  That would undue me...and she didn't.

On Wednesday, August 3rd at about 12:25pm (30 minutes before our assigned drop off time) we pulled into the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and were surprised at the quickness with which everything took place.
We were directed to a parking number (24) and two elders came to the car and introduced themselves, took out Linnea's luggage, waited while we said goodbye and hugged her and then led her away.
We got into our car and drove away.  About 3 minutes or so later I got a text on my phone.  I checked it and it said, "I work at the MTC.  Lindzi Miller is your daughter's host.  She is happy."  Lindzi is a friend of Linnea who is in the MTC.  The night before Linnea had said to me..."I hope I see Lindzi while I am in the MTC".
It made me happy to know that she was with someone she knew.


  1. Linnea set up the blog...I am learning how to use it. Just want everyone to know that Linnea did not post the above...her mom did.

  2. Thanks for sharing Rolayne! I sent her a Dear Sister today! She looks so cute! Love that girl!

  3. Love that girl! Glad there were no tears. She's gonna do awesome!!