Sunday, August 21, 2011

More News from the MTC or CCM en espanol

Linnea sent another email on Thursday but I am a little late posting it due to my own life and schedule getting in the way.  Next time I post I hope to have some photos from her to share.  She said she is taking lots of pictures and I am anxious to see them.  She needs to send me the memory card from her camera and then we will be good to go.  Thanks, Shane for making sure she had 2 memory cards!

Some highlights from her latest letter....

Rosemary Wixom the General Primary President was our Relief Society teacher on Sunday. That was really cool. Richard I Heaton the Admin Director of the MTC spoke at the Sunday fireside on the success of a missionary. It was really good. And Elder Evans of the first quorum of the 70 spoke at the Tuesday devotional spoke about God the Father. His wife told this reallllly cool/inspirational story about a missionary who served under them in Japan. I dont have time to write it down right now but ill send it to you in a letter.   (I will share this when I get the letter.)

Singing in the MTC choir:
At the Tuesday devotional I sang in the choir because one of the girls in my district Hermana Westman wanted to be in the choir but her comp didnt so we did a little switch. The choir performs every Tuesday night at devotional but they practice on Sunday and Tuesday. Oh for our choir song on Tuesday we sang Lead Kindly Light. There is nothing like the MTC sounds soooo good. 

A Surprise Table Mate at Lunch:
 So yesterday at lunch I see someone pull out the empty chair next to me to sit down and who is it? President Brown....just the President of the entire MTC. All of us look at each other like," Oh my". It was nerve wracking at first but then he jsut started talking to us and he was of course very nice and funny. He has an amazing memory for a man of his age. He asked what district we were in and we said 48-C. He said," Oh, with President Craig."..there are like a billion branches so that he got it on the first try was very impressive. He also asked how our spanish was coming along and we said mas o menos...he said you cant fool me, I know that if you are in President Craigs branch you are either in the intermediate or advanced spanish! Again very impressive ha!

A nightly ritual:
At 9 every night we meet as a district and plan for the next day. After, each person tells teh whole district their highlight and low light of the day. Its funny to hear what some peoples highs and lows are. Then we do a "cinnamon roll" Its a pretty rad handshake.. We stand in a circle and everyone sticks their hand out like they are going to give someone a handshake. The tips of fingers are all touching then we curl our hands to the right and it makes like a cinnamon roll. Its super cool...I have a video of it.

Seeing friends from home:
I see David Riddle like every day. And I saw Jimmy Marshall and Stanton Kennington today! Woo! I love seeing people I knew from before. 

Please write: everyone that has written me letters, I LOVE YOU! I wrote you all back last week but didnt have time to address my envelopes so Im doing that while my laundry is going so expect a reply sometime early next week! Thanks again and keep the letter coming...its the best part of any missionarys day.

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