Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My first post/how to write me!

Hey readers of my blog!

This will be the only post that comes from me that isn't an email. I set up this blog so that you all can follow my journey more easily. My mom will be posting my emails on the blog and then posting the link on my Facebook.  Also, everyone has been asking how they can write me so I figured this would be the best way to let everyone know at the same time. I will be in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo,UT from Aug 3 to about Oct 5. Since my computer time in the MTC is so limited, the best correspondence option while I'm there is to write me letters as opposed to emails. is a website that makes writing me letters in the MTC quick and painless...PLUS its free. Just go to the website and set up an account and once you're done choose the option to write a letter. In the drop down menu choose the Provo MTC and click write a missionary. If you created an account your return address info will already be plugged in and all you have to do is fill in my address which you can find located on the right side of my blog. Then just write your letter and click send. The really cool thing about writing me through dearelder is that these letters get printed out and put in my mailbox the same day you write them. So instead of getting a bunch of emails on one day and trying to write back to you all in 30 minutes, I have the chance of getting your letters on whatever you day you send them and writing you back whenever I have a spare moment. Once I actually get to Salt Lake, my email time might increase and then you can start emailing me, but until then, handwritten letters sent through the mail or letters sent through are the best options.

I just want to thank all of you for all your support and kind words. It really makes the thought of being away from you all for 18 months a lot easier. I hope to hear from you all and I promise if you write me a letter I will write you back!

See you all in February 2013!

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  1. hey, Linnea, cuz, we're very excited for and proud of you, as you begin this significant part of your life's journey. We look forward .. HEAPS!! to sharing it with you over the coming months, celebrating, praying, encouraging, all those things that will help you to know we're cheering and spurring you on. Love ya much, ofa lahi atu, from the Harrys down-under :)