Sunday, October 9, 2011

Final Photos from the MTC

Final Photos from the MTC
Linnea with Amy Remsberg and Quincy Zimmerman: her best friends in the MTC>

Una amiga de Venezuela...Hermana Dezzeo...esta sirviendo in Washington, D.C.

A note the Branch President left for them one day.

Linnea's nasty bug bite...not even at it's worst!

Linnea with Jake Keung...a friend of Tess who was in the MTC at the same time.

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Linnea and Elder a "hand hug"  approved of by the branch president.

Her whole district...Linnea's favorite photo!

Linnea with all the elders in her district.

Linnea and her roommate, hermana Baker, who is in Ventura, CA.

Linnea with Amy and Quincy wearing their Old Navy matching skirts.

Linnea and Celestine Yeung.

Linnea and her branch president, Pres. Tyler.  She says "Seriously, one of the best guys ever.  One of the most caring men I have ever met.  We all LOVED him."

Linnea with Jenn Knutson.  SHe is serving in Thailand.  They met in the hall.  She taught Linnea a few words in Thai.  They talked every night in the hall.

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