Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

I have not been so great about keeping this as current as I had hoped.  Linnea is doing very well and adjusting to life on a bicycle.  She is using an old bike which is good in that it was free but bad in that it sometimes decides to just stop working.  That happened to her a couple of weeks ago and she took a bad fall and twisted her ankle.  Her ankle is still bothering her so she will go see a doctor this week to get it checked out.

Linnea's backpack was found!  Apparently, one of the sets of sister missionaries had it in their apartment.  That pair of missionaries had an additional sister missionary who was with them while she was waiting for her visa to come.  When her visa arrived and she left the other two sisters noticed that the backpack they thought was hers did not go with her.  They opened it and saw it belonged to Linnea and called the mission home and it was taken to her.

In today's letter Linnea shared this:
 First before I forget to write this I want to thank everyone for the letters I got this past week. From Claire, Jess McMaster, Vista 6th Ward, UPG!, Sister Jenn Knutson and the awesome package I got from Karen. I loved everything so much. It seriously makes my week when I get letters. I am in the process of writing you all back but I can only write back Mondays and since we don't have a car we have to depend on members for rides and kind of have to work around their schedules or run errands with them to get a ride somewhere. Entonces, no hay mucho tiempo para escribir cartas. But I'm trying! 


     This week we ate with an English ward and let me tell you I was missing my hispanic food. We had some pretty sketchy meals. We ate in a couple like 5th wheels too which was kind of different. There is like a "campground" type of place but some people like legitimately live there. And we ate with two of these couples. Its like the trailer Juli and Shane take camping but smaller. Kind of humbling especially since some of these people were living om trailers because they lost businesses and homes.

One of the senior missionaries, Linnea's companion, Marvin, Julia and Linnea.    This was Marvin
 and Julia's baptism day.

I can't get over the fact that Linnea is wearing a dress!  Who is this girl?

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