Sunday, January 6, 2013

Día de acción de gracias!‏

Here are some thoughts from Linnea's letter dated November 26, 2012...

This week was thanksgiving and it was great. We ate at this Chilean woman's house with her, her daughter, and this older grandma in the branch who is from Argentina. It was super fancy but the food was great and the company was awesome. Love it. Here are some updates....

        So when everything is good in Zion...Satan attacks. Last week we talked about how Noemi got her divorce papers and everything was all good...well her boyfriend-husband decided he didn't want to get married.  She's way bummed about it but tonight we will be meeting with her and talking to her about the things the Lord wants for her and how He will provide as she continues to be faithful. 

 We also were way stoked to put a family on date(the one who moved here from Las Vegas) but the wife picked up an extra shift at her job and works all day. We were trying to meet with the husband but it never worked out. We finally saw them on Thursday and we invited them to be baptized and to pray about it and they are. They came to church on Sunday so that was great. All the members are stoked to have a new family at church. We found a woman who is not a member but comes with her daughter and niece who are members. She has been coming for a couple of weeks and we have an appointment with her on Thursday.  We also had a YW bring her friend to church and her friend asked us how she could be baptized...she lives in Taylorsville which is out of our mission but she's already planning on coming to church here in SLC every week so we are just going to make things happen. So even though Satan is trying to destroy our area we are working harder to see miracles and they are coming. Its awesome.
Linnea with all the sisters in her mission.

We did a priest and laurel activity for the English stake and it was awesome. I don't remember doing one of those at home but maybe its just because I didn't go.All the kids got a mini Preach My Gospel and we taught them about missionary work. They were all pumped up about it and at the end the Stake President made all the boys stand up and committ to serving a mission...then he had all the girls stand up and committ to serving a mission if the circumstances were right, it was way powerful.

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