Sunday, January 6, 2013


Linnea eating lunch at a zone conference!

I have taken a little vacation from updating this blog for Linnea.  The holidays have kept me busy and I have not taken time to do the updates.  I am catching up so some of what is posted will have occurred in months past.

From a letter dated November 19, 2012 Linnea shares the following...

We found a family this week!! They just moved here from Vegas and are really struggling. They moved here thinking a job was lined up for the dad but it turned out it was a scam. They sold everything in Vegas to make it here. Breaks your heart. They are from Guatemala and have 4 kids. Jaffet who is 16, Jose  11, Jean Pierre 5 and Bridgette, 1. They are the sweetest family. We met them on Friday night and we shared a Book of Mormon story with them. They loved it. They asked us for 4 copies of the Book of Mormon. The next day they came to the Thanksgiving activity and the members were so great in getting to know them. Sunday they ALL showed up to church...except for Jaffet. The YM president went to go talk to Jaffet and Jaffet made it for sacrament. They all loved church. Even the kids. It was great. The branch is so stoked to have legit investigators, its awesome. Tonight we are having an Family Home Evening with them in the the branch president's home and hopefully by tonight they will be on date. They want us to stop by everyday and teach them. They are just soaking up the gospel.  It's awesome!

BIG things are happening and I hope the Lord keeps me here next transfer. Next Wednesday is transfers so we will see what happens...this transfer has passed by way too quick. Miss and love you all. Cuidense mucho. Remember...every member a missionary.

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