Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas

Linnea with one of her investigators sons...She adores him!

From Linnea's letter dated December 3, 2012...

Okay, so this week has probably been the best week of my whole's a little bit about what happened. So transfers came and on Tuesday morning we got the transfer info. I really felt like I was staying in Forest Dale and sure enough..I am still here!  Sister Falcon was super surprised that she was being transferred. But the Lord knows best,right? Sure enough our prayers were answered and Sister Adorable and I are now companions. If that wasn't a great enough miracle listen to what happened this week...

     We hit the dry Standard of Excellence!! We have 4 people on date, we had 10 people at church(virtually unheard of in this branch) 8 lessons with member, and 5 new investigators. Let me give you a litle recap on some investigators...

     THE M FAMILY: The most prepared family ever. We had a lesson with the dad outside the other day and he was just beaming. He said he could feel the presence of God in his life more than he ever has. He said he felt it so strong it made him want to be better in all aspects...including his long hair and beard. Crazy! We invited him to be baptized outside of his house and he said yes! He is now on date for the 16th of Dec. That night we had a lesson with their son with the YM pres in his home. it was one of the best lessons ever. We read when Jesus came to the Americas and talked about baptism. He too accepted to be baptized Dec 16. on Sunday the family came to church (except the wife who works crazy hours) and something had happened that offended the dad. As he was telling us what happened we thought this is going to be our last visit...but no. He said, "Hermanas, I dont just see you as women...I see you as the angels that God has sent to me to become closer to Him...nothing is going to ruin that. I go to church to become closer to Him and I made a promise to do so by being baptized the 16th. Its going to happen!"  We are praying for a miracle that his wife gets to be baptized as well that day...she works almost all day Sunday.
     Time just flies around here but just now that BIG, BIG THINGS are happening and I'm excited to have the best transfer of my mission thus far. Love it and I love all of you. Cuidense mucho!

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